BUG: Cannot handle albums with '%' in name

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BUG: Cannot handle albums with '%' in name

Postby jeffdoo » Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:52 pm

Hopefully this is the right place to report bugs....

I have a double CD set called 100% HITS which ML is choking on the title.

1) None of the songs every play from the two CDs.
2) If I go to "Options" -> "Library" -> "Audio" -> "Artist/Album" -> "Various Artists" and click on the album nothing happens.
3) If I click on the album it breaks the rest of the albums (cannot click any) until back multiple times to return up one level, then re-enter "Various Artists"

I'm running the latest release of ML (as of 8/25).

Please let me know what additional information you require.


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