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MLNetflix Plugin release notes

Postby CinemarDave » Tue Sep 02, 2008 2:02 am

04/17/2009 - Notice. This plugin no longer works because of the changes Netflix has made to their website. Please do not load this plugin in MLServer until a new version has been released.

09/01/2008 Version 3.0.23 Initial Beta Release

Wiki Link: ... lix_Plugin

Here is the first release of the MLNetflix plugin. This plugin will allow you to browse your Netflix Watch-Now queue and allow you to stream the movie to the PC of your choosing or download the movie to be played at a later date on the PC of your choosing.

NetFlix movies are protected by DRM and this plugin DOES NOT remove or attempt to modify any DRM that is embedded in the movie. The movies will only play in Windows Media Player and only if Windows Media Player has been configured to play these movies and only if Netflix says you can play the movie.

Image #1 shows the main Netflix browser scene. From here you can review the movies in your Netflix queue and then either opt to watch the movie in real-time by selecting the stream option or you can download the movie as a background process to be played later on. Movies that have been downloaded can be played instantly.

You also have the option of selecting the image quality for both the streamed movie and the downloaded movie. Netflix offers 4 options here. You can choose the one that is right for you.

Image #2 shows the popup remote that is included for controlling Windows Media Player from your MainLobby client.

Image #3 shows the interface to Netflix for managing your queue online. This requires WebLobby to be installed and licensed.

Setup is straight forward. From MLInstaller download the two MLNetFlix installers. One is for the plugin and it is installed on your MLServer PC. The other is the MainLobby client scenes. Install them on your MainLobby clients.

On all the PCs where you want to play your movies you must log into NetFlix and install their movie player and play at least one movie. This makes sure that WMP is updated with the latest DRM license keys. Once you know Netflix can stream a movie to your PC you do not have to do any further configuration.

Image #4 shows the plugin setup. You must specify
1) the path to the root folder where movies are downloaded to
2) the number of movies to display per page
3) the default movie quality for streamed and downloaded movies
4) the MLServer commands to play a movie.

The plugin uses the MLClientSvc plugin to send commands to the remote PC running the ClientSvc agent to play the movie.

To use this plugin you must be running the latest versions of MLServer and the MLClientSvc plugins and agents. WebLobby is optional but convienent. I've been running this plugin for over a week and I've download many movies and streamed a half dozen others. It's been working fine here for me.

You'll notice that you cannot switch the media player to full screen until the DRM handshake has completed. I have not found any way around that. The Best quality mode is escentially DVD quality and it looks really good on the big screen. You'll have to experiment with what movie qualities work best for you.
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