BUG - Music Lobby scene and screen resizing

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BUG - Music Lobby scene and screen resizing

Postby pgale » Sun Aug 31, 2003 9:36 am

My plasma runs 1366x768. After loading the Music Lobby scene, I go into Display Options Panel and set display to 1366x768 which works ok. Then set x scale to around 84 or so and adjust the x shift to get it stretching to fill the wide screen - this is also ok. I then click apply and save the scene - all OK so far.

However, if I then quit ML and restart, Music Lobby scene is scaled way to big in x direction and bits of the background truncated + transport controls and display panels are shifted to the right, separate to the background graphic. Can't reset as graphics remain out of alignment even if I quit and restart. Had to re-install MainLobby to get back to square one. I can reproduce this every time.


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Postby mcascio » Sun Aug 31, 2003 1:59 pm


Try this:
Open MainLobby.
Go into Options > Display and press the 1366x768 button.
Leave everything else with their default settings.

Then press OK.
And then Save.

Now exit MainLobby and restart it.

You should see MusicLobby auto-center and scale properly.

MusicLobby is set to autoscale upon startup - so in order for it to rescale when you change the display settings, it needs to be restarted.

The background skin will not scale with MusicLobby. So you'll want to use a 1366x768 background skin included with MusicLobby/MainLobby or create one yourself.
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