Weatherlobby 3.90.15 not working

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Weatherlobby 3.90.15 not working

Postby catalyst » Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:29 pm

Hello everyone, i have 3 systems, each one running mlserver ver 3.75.78 & client ver, i read the forums before installing the new weatherlobby on each, that i should clear everything out before installing, so i deleted the .mdb files and the .dll files and well as all the directories that had anything to do with weatherlobby under the images directory. I then downloaded the weatherlobby plugin 3.90.15 and the weatherlobby advanced scenes ver 3.90.12, i installed them both, and configured the weatherlobby plugin to only show 1 location zip 33176 as default, i deleted the rest of the locations, and i decided to use the scenes from C:\Program Files\Cinemar\Content\0019\1024x768\Weather directory, and everything worked great , the first time, however after the initial update, it would not do any updates after that point, i checked the mlserver client connections to make sure it was connecting to itself and it shows that it is, i then tried to install the weatherlobby according to the same instructions above on my other 2 servers and they reacted in exactly the same way, 1st time works great, then no updates after that, i tried changing the zip code to 33157 which is also in the same vicinity as my original selection, but alas no difference. I also checked the mlworker and it shows that it is downloading the maps, i read in 1 the posts in the forum that maybe i have to set the interval to greater than 20, even though i only have the 12 original maps loaded, i set the updates to occur every 60 minutes, which should be overkill, then i set the weatherlobby plugin to start logging and it shows

1/4/2010 1:05:30 PM ProcessCommand - active~USFL0570
1/4/2010 1:05:35 PM ProcessCommand - activemap~1
1/4/2010 2:05:35 PM ProcessCommand - active~USFL0570
1/4/2010 2:05:40 PM ProcessCommand - activemap~1
and it goes on till 5:15PM

So it seems to be working, but the images in my scenes are not updating, and it is stuck on sunday morning and has not moved since then. Even if i force an update or a reboot, none of the 3 systems will update their scenes. Im using the Any body have any ideas why this may be happening?

Many Thanks in advance

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Re: Weatherlobby 3.90.15 not working

Postby Robethan09 » Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:25 pm

Hey Rick I am having the same problems after reinstalling twice. I think I know now why its free download now. Have had no issue with any of my plugins until now.

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Re: Weatherlobby 3.90.15 not working

Postby mcascio » Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:31 pm

I know Dave is aware there are issues on the forum. We'll try to get out an update as soon as possible.
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