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upb control

Postby AVDCORPNY » Mon Dec 11, 2006 3:13 pm

on the panel inside mllighting plug-in
you have receive comp

link id level,etc. then you have activate link and deactivate link
these command need to be add to the command we can use in the mainlobby button so we can activate and deacivate link.
also the command on~001~50 don't work

Thing that Need to be add to the plugin
1. A goto light level command, something like MLighting|goto~50~Theater Light

2. A command That allow you to activate Link and Deactivate link
a command like MLighting|activate~1~theater Light
3. A command that allow you to turn groups, like MLighting|grouplink~Theater movie
which will allow a group of light to be turn off and on to preset levels
4. Fix The Dim and Bright command, becuase when you send the command the responce is to slow.
5. need to have the plugin check status on all switchs more offen

if the programer would like to talk to us about these things please call us at 718-684-5225

Thank you Louis Noto / Tech support

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