Anyone any good with wiring?

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Anyone any good with wiring?

Postby donburkard » Tue May 26, 2009 7:26 pm

Ok so im trying to put a upb dimmer in my theater. I have to switch locations now (one on either side of the doors). Right now only one of the switch locations is in use (a.). The other (b.) is just covered with a painted plate so its less noticeable ( its a long story. we changed the location of the switch at the last second and the electrician threw a fit so we decided the way we have it wired would save time and effort.) My question is this if i put the upb dimmer switch in the location that is not currently being used (b.), and leave the standard switch(a.) in place, when i use the standard switch, will the upb switch see the changes in the lighting condition? Will upb see the change if say i use the standard switch to turn the lights on will the system pick it up so i can turn them off (with a ml touchscreen) when i sit down?
I tried putting it in the place of the existing switch but because of the way it is wired i cant get the wiring correct. The existing switch is simply a pass through circuit. the black and white are both tied to the switch completing the circuit. I have attached a diagram (crude, very crude) to help illustrate.

Thoughts? and as usual thanks
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