Problem with noise

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Problem with noise

Postby pacman » Thu Nov 08, 2007 3:13 pm

Hi Everyone

This might help you someday

"warning use a qualifed electrician to do the electrical work"

I do have to say UPB is pretty good but it is still acceptable to noise we have done numorous installs and they all have been succesful but one was a nightmare.

Things started out good after 6 months then all of sudden 3/4 of the lights did not work, through lots of troubleshooting I confirmed the noise was coming from outside on a single phase. I tried a leviton noise block and it didn't do anything. I found out that there was dirty power coning in on one phase so I simple determined which was the good phase and had breakers reaaranged so all the upb controlled elements were on the good phase and now I have 0 noise (down from 170) and 100% coms to all lights.

I know this is a bandaid to the soulition but it will get them up and running in the mean time while I work things out with the power company.


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