JRiver Has Lost MusicLobby Server License

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JRiver Has Lost MusicLobby Server License

Postby tpate » Sun Mar 15, 2009 2:59 pm

After over a year of running, JR MediaCenter (12.0.226) stopped showing the MusicLobby Server... when I used the JRMC Plugin Manager to get it to "SHOW" MusicLobby Server, it now shows "MusicLobby Server Plugin 3.0.143", License Mode as "Not Licensed".

MLServer (3.0.472) Plug-Ins window shows MLMediaCenter 3.0.2 as Loaded with Permanent License.

I closed MLServer and JRMC and did an "Install" of "MusicLobby3 JRiver 12_O" using the Cinemar Product Selections to reinstall the OCX... no joy.

How do I get JRMC to recognize the MusicLobby Server as licensed again???

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