Upgrading To HDMI

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Upgrading To HDMI

Postby gstone » Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:16 am

I currently have a CRM62 and it works great. Everything is Component and SPDIF for the audio.

I now have a need to upgrade to HDMI. If I order another switcher with the Digital Video Board will the HDMI and the SPDIF video be switchable together?

Set up i like this:
Cable Box-HDMI Video, SPDIF Sound
Blu Ray-HDMI Video, SPDIF Sound

Can I make those connections and still switch with ML Commands?
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Postby bhiga » Tue Dec 23, 2008 3:36 pm

Short answer:
Yes, you would leave your digital audio connected as you already have them and connect the HDMI output of your sources to the HDMI inputs on your digital board. You would then switch the digital board in addition to your current switch on the component input.

Long answer:
As far as I know and can tell (I have a CRM84 with the Digital board), the HDMI is not linked to any of the audio.

This leaves you with a few options:
1) Keep the signal path completely HDMI and use the embedded HDMI audio (if it's there). If your output device can't get HDMI audio, you could
"break out" the digital audio from the HDMI using a converter like Gefen's HDMI to DVI+Audio converter. That's a bit of a pricey box though.

2a) If your source device has analog and/or digital audio output, run it to one of the CRM's inputs and switch both the Digital and one of the normal inputs to the Digital output and one of the normal outputs.

2b) If your source device not have a separate audio output that you can use (and you can't stay all-HDMI), then you'll need to "break out" the digital audio from the HDMI using a converter like Gefen's HDMI to DVI+Audio converter (again, a bit pricey). You can run the DVI output to one of the CRM's DVI inputs (or one of the HDMI inputs using a DVI-to-HDMI cable).

In my setup, my Series3 TiVo has both HDMI, optical SPDIF and Component outputs. I have the HDMI output running to my CRM's Digital 1, the Component to Component 1 and optical SPDIF to Audio 1.
The component connection isn't really necessary, but gives me the option to compare the analog output to the HDMI output.

To switch to my Series3 TiVo, I issue two commands to my CRM84:
to switch the optical audio output #1 to (digital) audio input #1
to switch the (sole) digital output to Digital input #1

By connecting this way you essentially you "burn" a regular input on carrying the audio. Or you can think of it like you're "piggybacking" the digital input on top of the normal analog input.

If you have downstream switches or input selectors, you could get more complicated if you're running low on inputs (like using both optical and coax SPDIF on the same input channel and selecting downstream), but this is the most straightforward way.
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