Main Lobby Lighting: Getting Started: What am i missing?

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Main Lobby Lighting: Getting Started: What am i missing?

Postby sami.r » Tue May 11, 2010 7:01 pm

OK here goes my first post.

I do not understand how to program the Main Lobby default lighting scenes buttons to turn on and off the lights.

1. I have installed the MLInsteon plugin (i read in the wiki not it install Lighting Family plugin)
2. I can get the lights to work from within Main Lobby server. I have a few test lights set up in ML. (i have a lot of Insteon devices that are running fine using another control software so i know my Insteon install is not the issue)
3. in the plugin i have created unique names for each of my lights (just a few test lights)

Main Lobby client

Here is where i think my disconnect is:

1. There are zones in the default scenes (which are the basis of my new scenes) Variable 1
2. There are master on/off and % in the default navigation. Variable 2

This what i have tried to do:

In a given zone, eg Dining room, i see different lights named. I picked one, then tried to edit the button to pass my unique light name from the button to the ML Server. I tried add the unique name to the Alias and to the var field.

What i think i am missing is an explanation of how, through zones and master controls, i can pass the unique light name (which i am assuming triggers ML) through to the ML Server.

I also believe that if i were a programmer this light blub would have already gone off. (very bad pun)

Can someone explain to me how they have setup lighting controls and how it works?

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