What is MainLobby?

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What is MainLobby?

Postby jcase » Tue Jan 28, 2003 7:23 pm

MainLobby is Cinemar's latest software inspiration. Now you can design your own interactive application. Just drag'n drop our predesigned buttons (over 250+) on to the Stage and assign your desired actions. Quickly create a Music Jukebox with CD Cover Art, make your PC user-friendly for the significant other and kids, trigger all your theater components to the proper levels and settings, design a wizard like interface for friends and much more. And because you can link buttons to additional screens, you can create complex interactive presentations. Use your remote control or mouse. MainLobby 2 works great with other software and hardware like Girder, Slinke as well as our very own DVDLobby Pro and CDLobby Changer. MainLobby will make you look like a professional designer and software engineer.


Frequent Asked Questions

Q: I add some buttons and press SAVE but when I return to that Scene the changes haven't been saved?
A: Always save your Scene (.mls) files to the Cinemar folder and not a subfolder. Pressing SAVE automatically stores the MLS file in the same folder where MainLobby.exe resides.

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