what touchscren options if starting out today?

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what touchscren options if starting out today?

Postby capall » Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:39 pm

Hi all,
I am looking into HA and at mainlobby and was wondering about what the current recommendations would be for touchscreens, for, 1. mobile around the house and 2. permanently positioned on a wall. Would you use the new windows 8 tablets from various manufactures (Lenovo IdeaPad, Acer Iconia, MS Surface Pro) for a mobile option and the various large hi-def touchscreens (21/22", 1920 x 1080, e.g. dell S2240T) directly connected to the server or a client for the fixed option?

My thinking is that the win 8 tablet's would allow you to run mainlobby natively and hence a better experience than using the web interface on ipads/Android tablets and the new hi-def touchscreen monitors would give you much more real estate and resolution than the old Planar, Elo screens


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