Rain8 Beta Comments

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Rain8 Beta Comments

Postby DaveB » Mon Jun 02, 2008 10:43 pm

Well it is up and running with a schedule that has been 100% created in real time from a touchscreen. I verified that the schedule exists and we will see the results in the morning.

only 2 quick comments so far;

1. The "set start time" screen needs to have the ability to move forward or back by the hour as well. It takes many leypresses to get to 6:00am.
2. When attemptng to run a valve in manual mode from the MLS plugin screen, an error is thrown.. I will track it better next time and will post the error.

More in a day or so. Overall, works good so far.

Feature request - implement the ability to start a program a set time using sunrise as a base. I typically start my zones 15 min prior to sunrise. That way, the start time is dynamic and follows the sunrise time. This reduces mold and such.

Dave Bruner

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