Plugin fails to connect on startup

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Plugin fails to connect on startup

Postby digitaltrader » Tue Mar 25, 2008 2:02 pm

1) I have the 1.1.236 MLIrrigation Plugin with the 1.0.421 Rain8Net plugin and whenever I set the comm port in the controller settings box (I have the connect at startup box checked) it fails to connect to the device if I reboot mlserver.

2) Also using the new 0026 lodge scene fails to properly control the unit as it automatically has zones 2 button colored yellow as if the zone is already on and has zone 3 grey and all the other zones showing normal color. The variable I am using is:
the command is: MLServeCmd.MLIrrigation|Toggle~002

Whenever I load the scene this button is highlighted yellow as if the zone was running.

Is this a plugin issue or is something else wrong?

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