MLServer arming status out of sync with Elk itself?

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MLServer arming status out of sync with Elk itself?

Postby RZajcew » Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:21 pm

A while ago my MainLobby scenes for arming/disarming scenes stopped working correctly, and I have been struggling to characterize the issue and figure out precisely what broke. And I am afraid this is going to sound "impossible". But...

What is happening is that the MLServer variables say the system is armed when the Elk isn't armed, and then vice versa. And then after some activity on the Elk keypad, the MLServer variables get back in sync.

One basic symptom I have been using to characterize the problem could be summarized as "The MLElkM1|ASR command seems to return some sort of cached result rather than the correct result".

I arm the system in "Stay" mode. I then send the MLServer command "MLElkM1|ASR" and observe the result via the ElkM1 plugin log, and the resulting "AS" string says the system is not armed [the 8 bytes after the AS are all zero]. I can execute "AS" as many times as I like, and the strings from the AS command say it's still not armed. After disarming the alarm using the Elk keypad, usually (but not always) the resulting "AS" string says the system is armed [the first byte after the AS is a "2"]. And if I enter a user code on the Elk keypad, the "AS" string will go back to an unarmed state.

My initial inclination here was to say there is some problem with the Elk itself. I hooked up to the Elk interface via Hyperterm, and entered the "06as0066" and the result was always correct. [I could arm and disarm the system, and the "AS" result is always accurate.] I even tried it using MLGenericDevice, and the "06as0066" always returned the correct result. Once, I had the system in armed mode, I used the Elk plugin and sent "MLElkM1|ASR" and got the wrong result, then I stopped MLServer and connected via hyperterm and sent "06as0066" and got the correct result, and then started up MLServer again and send "MLElkM1|ASR" and got the wrong result.

This isn't just the "ASR" command -- the MLServer variables reflect the results being returned from the "ASR" command.

- Roman

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