Strange occurrence after finally upgrading

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Strange occurrence after finally upgrading

Postby jackpod » Wed Aug 08, 2007 10:24 pm

I finally got around to updating to 2.x of the plugin. Now I am noticing a weird situation, 8 of my HS devices that are selected in MLHSplugin only send a value, not a string. of the devices that are affected, there are 2 other side effects, the letter "O" in off in HS is lower case and when the on/off buttons are clicked the device never shows on. All devices are virtuals and all between m20 and m56. In server variables in MLServer, it will show mlhsplugin_m56 off and mlhsplugin_m56_value 100


Other hs devices are working fine. I downloaded the update from the HS board, there was only an hs update. I tried to download from "additional software" in mlserver, says it downloads but I can not find it in /mlserver/downloaded files

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