Nuvo GC or Russound MCA-C5?

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Nuvo GC or Russound MCA-C5?

Postby Mr. Spock » Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:33 pm

Being the Russound forum I might expect some bias, but hopefully I can get a good answer. I'm posting this in the Nuvo forum too.

In the planning stages for a new home construction install in early 2013. I don't even own ML yet. I'm looking at either the Nuvo Grand Concerto or the Russound MCA-C5, but leaning toward the Nuvo. After reading forums here and at Homeseer it appears there are a lot more people using Russound in automation controlled scenarios. True?

1) I need at least 8 powered zones. For the Russound this means I need two MCA-C5 units. For Nuvo I need to buy two external amps. Reading the fine print it appears the Nuvo can put out considerably more power to all zones simultaneously, while the Russound is limited to 1/8 the power of zone 1 to zones 2-6. Correct?
2) The keypads are not a major contributor to my decision, I might not even use them, or if I do just one or two.
3) The built in AM/FM tuner in the Russound is a plus.
4) Strong desire for hassle free use and tight integration with ML.
5) Will want to be able to make announcements to the whole house (all zones).

What do you recommend and why?

Live long and prosper.

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