{{mlrussoundst2_tuner1_display}} junk

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{{mlrussoundst2_tuner1_display}} junk

Postby oaserani » Mon Sep 08, 2008 5:44 pm

To revive an old discussion. I tried this with and without RNET plugged in In both circumstances, {{mlrussoundst2_tuner1_display}} continues to pick up information from <<currently playing>> from both XMLOBBY and MUSICLOBBY. It cycles through both, until you either SCAN or SEEK tuner 1, and then {{mlrussoundst2_tuner1_display}} updates to the right FM frequency UNTIL XMLOBBY or MUSICLOBBY changes track.

Are there any new news on this, or we continue to insist that this is an RNET issue, whcih as I have said in the past, wouldn't be an acceptable answer. Using the Tuner without RNET to the CAV66 would make it pretty useless.

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