Using the UNO Keypad to Control and Play PLAYLISTS in JRMC

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Using the UNO Keypad to Control and Play PLAYLISTS in JRMC

Postby mcascio » Thu Aug 30, 2007 2:53 pm

Using your Russound Keypads to select Playlists in JRMC

A user had asked about using the Russound keypads to select from various playlists in Jriver. Here's one way to accomplish this. First, note which source JRMC is connected to on your Russound. You can have different playlists called from different zones/keypads if you decide to or have all zones cycle through the same playlists.

MLCAV66 Plugin
MLCycleStates Plugin
MLMediaCenter Plugin

Write down the list of Playlist names you've created in JRMC. For this example let's assume they are named:

Now, write down the name of the computer where JRMC is running and which zone you are targeting in JRMC.
For our example, we're using the following:
Computer where JRMC is running: MLServer
Zone in JRMC: 1
Source JRMC is connected to on your CAV unit: 3

From MLServer, double-click on the MLCycleStates Plugin.
Enter CyclePlaylists for the Variable Name. Then enter the following in the table below:

Data Label MLServer Command
1 Playlist1 MLServeCMD.Macro|MLMediaCenter|MLServer~1~PLAYPLAYLISTNAME~Playlist1!MLCAV66|SrcMessage~1~Playlist1~3
2 Playlist2 MLServeCMD.Macro|MLMediaCenter|MLServer~1~PLAYPLAYLISTNAME~Playlist1!MLCAV66|SrcMessage~1~Playlist2~3
3 Playlist3 MLServeCMD.Macro|MLMediaCenter|MLServer~1~PLAYPLAYLISTNAME~Playlist1!MLCAV66|SrcMessage~1~Playlist3~3

After entering the last line of information, left click your mouse in the empty field below to make sure the data is accepted then press DONE in the lower right corner of the States Plugin Window.


Now enter the MLCAV66 plugin by double-clicking it from MLServer's Plug-Ins window.

From the configuration tab, press the plus next to your CAV66 unit
In this example, we will be configuring Zone 4, Source 3 of the Russound to control JRMC's playlist.
Now expand Zone 4, then expand Src 3, then expand Uno, then select Plus.
Paste the following into the MLServeCmd line: MLServeCmd.MLCycleStates|Next~CyclePlaylists
Then press Save.

Then select Minus and paste the following: MLServeCmd.MLCycleStates|Prev~CyclePlaylists
Then press Save.

Now go over to your Russound Keypad in Zone 4 and press the Source button until you are on Source 3.

Select the plus or minus button and you should now see the PLAYLISTNAME on your keypad and that playlist will start playing.

You can create a unique CycleState for each Room/Zone if you like and call it by Name. You may want your child to access different playlists than the adults.
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Re: Using the UNO Keypad to Control and Play PLAYLISTS in JR

Postby srik » Wed Sep 05, 2007 1:53 am

RE: Using your Russound Keypads to select Playlists in JRMC

This worked fine but had the problem that when a new Playlist is displayed it automatically gets played when a plus or minus button is pressed to scroll playlists. To avoid this I made it a three button solution. The Plus and minus sign display the next and previous playlist and the play button actually plays the current playlist. To do this I changed the command to

MLServeCMD.MLCAV66|SrcMessage~1~Playlist2~3 in the MLCycleStates plugin

In the CAV66 plug in for Play button I had entered

Where MLServer is the JRMC computer name and CyclePlaylists is the variable in MLCycleStates plugin

This would allow you to use Plus and minus buttons to scroll through the playlist and Play button to play the latest playlist.

Hope this helps

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Docs for J River Media Center to the Russound Uno Keypads

Postby ccarpenter1 » Wed Dec 31, 2008 6:55 pm


I documented some more detailed information on how I interfaced the J River Media Center to the Russound Uno Keypads. I hope this helps someone out there save some time.

Good luck!

My requirements:

Create multiple playlists in J River Media Center that can be selected by the Russound Uno S2 keypad in each zone (room). In addition, moving forwards and backwards in the currently selected playlist in J. River Media Center using the Russound Uno S2 keypads is also a requirement. Each Russound zone must be capable of selecting an independent playlist from the J. River Media Center.

Files are included in the zip file below:
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