CAA66 - Is it an improvement

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CAA66 - Is it an improvement

Postby bpet » Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:05 pm

I currently have 6 Home Theater Receivers that are each connected to in ceiling speakers throughout the house and the speaker wires centrally run back to an entertainment center in the family room. I use the GC-100 to send IR to the receivers to execute the commands coming from MLServer. The audio is coming from 3 external sound cards from the PC. This setup has not been ideal - I think the biggest issue is that it takes a few seconds to turn on a receiver before it is ready to receive a command or start playing the audio. I also use the IR to send Volume Up/Down commands so that the volume can be adjusted for each room - this also seems like it takes a bit to adjust because the command has to be repeated many times: ie: up 5 levels, would be 5 IR sends - possibly separated by a short pause. A few seconds feels like a while if your standing in front of the LCD on the wall just watching the swirly go around until the state changes - and if someone is not familiar with the system, they start pressing other buttons etc.

I'm considering getting the CAA66 and buying the MLServer plug-in, but I'm wondering if someone that has experience with controlling it via MLServer RS232 can give me their opinion about how speedy it is at doing the following:
turns on/off zones
increases or decreases volume
changes sources
updates zone state variables

I currently use sensors to show the on/off state of my AV Receivers and so I'm also wondering if the RS232 does a good job showing which zones are on/off. I am concerned about spending the $1000 for the CAA66 and then learning that it is not a big improvement to my current setup.

Thanks for any input! :)

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