Direction needed

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Direction needed

Postby remizen » Sun Sep 24, 2006 12:29 pm

I am at a critical juncture w/ ML. I currently use HAL2000. I also own Homeseer. HAL currently automates lighting (x-10), some motion sensors via the WGL receiver, HVAC, and music via HAL's digital music center. I have purchased a couple of the viewsonic 110 smart displays.

We have 5 separate HVAC units/zones controled via RCS TR-40 serial units. HAL controls these, however, the HAL/ML plugin only allows for 2 zone control.

Our security is DSC.

From AV standpoint, we have 3 primary viewing areas with individual systems. I have one Sony 777es connected to an Escient DVDM-100 for movies. I distribute via CAT-5 and either s-video or component video baluns and the matrix switcher that cinemar sells.

My primary question is whether to stay w/ HAL or switch to Homeseer? OR, whether I need either given the capbilities of ML. I also own Girder and NetRemote.

My secondary question is concerning irrigation. I own Rain8, not Can the ML plugin be used for the x-10 device.


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