Great combination of s/w

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Great combination of s/w

Postby pgale » Wed Feb 12, 2003 6:45 am

I'm using Main Lobby and a software product called ACE (

ACE is a Home Automation product that's incredibly powerful and interfaces to a wide range of hardware (HomeVision, Slink e, Comfort etc etc) - I don't have anything to do with ACE - just a very happy user!

I use Main Lobby as a front end to some of my (extensive) HA systems. Using an odd-on to ACE called ACE Desktop, Main Lobby is set to run the ACE Desktop app when a button is pressed, sending a command line argument. This argument is an ACE command that can do just about anything.

I have buttons setup to turn on/off lights, heating system, TTS voice synthesis (using AT&T's Natural Voices - great sounding), alarm system as well as all the normal cinemar system component control (via ACE and RS232 to a plasma, amp, DVD etc).

Both s/w products work really well together!

Just thought I'd share.


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