Cinemar + CocoonTech = The Ultimate Garage Door Monitor

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Cinemar + CocoonTech = The Ultimate Garage Door Monitor

Postby BraveSirRobbin » Sat Jan 28, 2006 4:48 pm

Mario took a few minutes from his busy day (well night) and made a rare appearance on the's Friday Night Chat session. Well as you can imagine the discussions quickly centered on MainLobby.

I mentioned to him that I recently created a How-To on the "Ultimate Garage Door Monitor", but it was missing a cool flash library icon to display its results (this monitor can show the position of the garage door opened to within a couple of inches). What would really be cool is to create a dynamic flash garage door icon and have it “open and close” based on a "percentage opened" variable, much like a volume slider. This device value results in a HomeSeer analog to digital converter value (via MLHSPlugin) which measures the dynamic position of the garage door via a biased ten-turn rotary potentiometer.

Well, I sparked his curiosity and he actually started working on a rough prototype. A few hours later and I was testing this flash library file with my MainLobby system. He refined it a few times and the final results are amazing!

Rather then restate all the details please stop over for this "must read" post! It's very cool and you will not be disappointed! A lot of screen shots are also posted.

I believe and Cinemar make a great team and I would like to thank Mario for joining us. It was a lot of fun working with him!

At one point (very late into the night) I connected an IP camera up to show a real time image of my garage door (even had to illuminate it with a spotlight since it was dark out). I then showed the chat participants screen shots of this newly created MainLobby scene after I moved the garage door. You just never know what will happen during our chat sessions! :D

One thing I did learn from this experience was how much work is involved with creating these flash files!


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