Have Kids?

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Have Kids?

Postby Fro » Sat Dec 15, 2007 1:40 pm

Obviously there are plenty of options for restricting what your kids can and cannot watch on TV. I have taken it a step further to limit what and when they can watch using ML as the control and GUI.

In our media room I have a touchscreen running ML and it has a "lock" on it to keep the kids out. When locked, it displays a scene that has a small grouping of the channel icons they can watch as well as an Xbox icon and a traffic light graphic more on this below). Pressing one of the icons will turn everything on and change to the appropriate inputs and/or channel.

This is then restricted by DOW and TOD through HomeSeer. I have scripts that get run via HS that pull config information about time limits and hours of operation based on the day of week.

During the week there is a 1 hour limit between 4PM-8:30PM and weekends they get 4 hours between 6AM-9:30PM. Xbox and TV are controlled separately so you can limit game playing but allow longer TV time.

When a button is pressed it changes to the appropriate setup and starts the timer via a HS event. If the timer expires (the event triggers) it will shut everything down, reset the time limt for the next day and schedule an event to re-enable everything at the appropriate time the next day. If they shut it off, the time remaining gets updated and the events are reset to disable everything at the end of the operation window and they can use their time remaining later in the day.

The time limits and hours can be updated through the GUI and stored in an .ini for the scripts to access when triggered by the HS events. I'm working on code to break the timelimit up into parent defined intervals so they don't use all their time first thing in the morning.

The traffic light graphic (mentioned above) is a JPGLoader populated with a SWF based on a variable. This is the electronic equivalent of being grounded (the kids are 7 and 14 months so right now there is no conflict in grounding schedules).

By tapping on the traffic light an overlay screen is loaded to enter a password. After correctly entering a password another overlay screen is loaded that allows you to set the traffic light status (red or green) and for how long in days. This then sets a timer (MLTimer) that will decrement the number of days left by 1 and run for 24 hours. Each day the days left gets decremented and the timer reset. This way they can see that the light is red, nothing on the touchscreen will work and they can see how long they have left in days, hours and minutes.

This could probably be modified easily to handle RFID as well for those who have gotten the OK from the wife to have chips implanted in family members. I haven't been able to sell that concept yet.

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Postby maik » Sat Dec 15, 2007 2:06 pm

I give you A+. I like it.


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