Santa Claus fun

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Santa Claus fun

Postby Fro » Sun Jan 28, 2007 1:08 pm

This year I decided to have some fun at Christmas by having Santa wake up our 6 year old.

To do this I found some audio clips of sleigh bells and Santa saying "Ho! Ho! Ho!" I then set these up in the MLMusicPlayer plugin for easy playback.

To trigger Santa's departure I use HomeSeer (with the MLHSPlugin) to setup an event that kicked off at 5:30AM. This event executed a script that turned on the the sound system in the media room (just outside the kids rooms) and triggered the playing of three sleigh bells "ching ching ching" every 60 seconds. This was intended to slowly wake him up but the first "ching ching ching" was apparently enough.

When he woke up and sat up in bed, this triggered the motion sensor in his room that fired off another event that disabled the "ching ching ching" event and played the bells consistantly and fading away with Santa saying "Ho! Ho! Ho!" as if he was leaving.

This second event also turned on the Christmas tree lights and gave us a 3 minute pause before the Christmas music started playing throughout the enitre house. This was enough time to see him run through the house, eyes wide open, yelling "I heard Santa! He was here!".

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10 out of 10

Postby camelotbuilder1 » Tue Jan 30, 2007 7:38 pm

thats awesome.
you rock
the motion sensor thing was brilliant.

THIS is better living through technology.

you could probably even dress a robosapien up like the easter bunny then program it to hide eggs.

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