Compiled/flattened ML scenes

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Compiled/flattened ML scenes

Postby justmikie » Thu Feb 16, 2006 1:01 am

I'm in the process of trying to squeeze as much speed as I can out of my ML scene programming. I'm even moving away from dynamic menus (don't tell gregory :wink: ) because I can see the processing take place as I'm waiting for my scene to change.

I think if a client (the person, not the machine) can see changes popping up on the screen, they are going to be less impressed than if the screen "instantaneously" appears... faster than they can determine their next button press. So I'm rewriting scenes to try to speed things up (while still keeping everything command map based)

I don't know if this is an extreme feature request, or whether it would be a snap for a nifty flash programmeer such as yourself :lol: As you move towards a thin client (or even sooner), it would be great if we could program in layers, but compile or flatten them before execution... think photoshop. It would give us the ability to program easily, but speed up the resulting execution by not loading overlays, et. al.

I'm also assuming that the main reason that a scene takes time to show up when loaded (even on a pretty fast pc, I can see the buttons pop up in a sequence, rather than all just appear) is becasue ML has to extract the text from the .mls and turn it into a scene. Can this be done ahead of time so the complete scene is called up?

One last and maybe easiest question (and implementable today). I'm using menus for overlays, and I have about 10 different ones. the main menu section for every scene is the same. Originally I used that as the overlay, but then I had to place the submenu buttons on the scenes. Since the submenu buttons on the scenes were the same for 3 or 4 different scenes, I moved to an overlay with main menu and sub menu buttons for each different scene type (lighting, hvac, avv, etc). This made pregramming changes easier since I seldom change the main menu and more frequently change the sub menus. With that as background, here is my question.

(edit: as I re-read this, I got kinda lost myself, so if you're no longer with me, I'll understand, but the question ahead might still make sense :shock: )

Even though the text info in a scene is somewhat cryptic, it seems that there is a pattern. Based on the text info, would it be possible to create an overlay scene, then take only the button info from the overlay scene and paste it directly into the text of another scene and magically get the overlay buttons in the right places. I'm assuming this would work since there appears to be a text description for each button that could be copied and pasted into a new scene. If this were possbile, it would allow us to use multiple "overlays" per scene since we could paste an unlimited number of "ovelay" buttons into the target scene. That would greatly expedite my programming if it were possible and you shared the magic code for button placement...

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