Using a generic "please wait" screen

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Using a generic "please wait" screen

Postby mosleyh » Tue Nov 08, 2005 2:14 am

In constructing My ML/DVDL setup, I've run into situations where a scene change occurs, but it takes a while after that for all of the MLServeCmds to finish firing. <<I>> know to wait, but it has traumatized my technophobe wife on occasion. (I should also mention that I keep the scenes as simple as possible for her sake, as well)

I finally came up with a solution that uses the single-thread nature of ML as an advantage. I've posted the intro screen and the please wait screen below.

I have command maps set up to take care of the necessary configuration going into DVDLobby, the SACD scene, etc.

So here's what happens:

When you touch Watch a DVD from the Library for example, it fires this macro:

Code: Select all


which sets the NextScene variable to the scene that should come up after "Please Wait", and The NextCMAP variable that specifies the command map to fire.

Then the scene changes to "Please Wait", which fires this macro:

Code: Select all


Because Mainlobby can only do one thing at a time, the command map named in {{NextCMAP}} has to complete before the scene changes from "Now Playing", and when it does, it changes to the scene specified in {{NextScene}}.

This arrangement has the added benefit of using the same "Please Wait" for any menu choice. (And I finally found a use for the spinning globe! :lol:)

FWIW. . .
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