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Postby rscottmcmahon » Thu Aug 05, 2004 5:19 pm

I have been using TVLobby for about a week now and have a few
suggestions I would like to make:

1. I am finding that new or novice users find the idea of the "watch" button
difficult. They can scroll around and click on a program, but usually hit
the station number trying to figure out how to change the channel.
I would prefer that when you select a show, it not only updates the
description at the top, but there is a temporary popup with the choice to
either "watch" or "record". To avoid to many button pushes, the popup
could go away after a few seconds or if you selects anything else (like
another show or navigation buttons).
If that is too difficult, then at least it might be more intuitive to put the
watch and record (not recordings) buttons up on top with the program

2. It seems that the description section at the top gets filled in with the
first entry and stays that way unless you select a program. I would
prefer that as you scroll up/down through your channels that the
description change to match the channel that is at the top of the
currently displayed list. This is what most on-screen guides do.

3. As others have mentioned, I would like to be able to specify where to
enter into the list when TVLobby is called. This way if one is keeping
track of the currently active channel with a MLS variable, you could
always enter the channel list on the currently active channel. Again
most on-screen guides do this.

4. Digital TV channel (ie channel 5.1) support is a must. I think I saw
somewhere that this is coming. I could really use this now. I have
my local digital channels in the guide and I see the listings, but the
channels are all listed as 0. If TVLobby produced another variable that
indicated that channel was digital, you could still specify the channel
with CHANNEL1, CHANNEL2 and CHANNEL3 and I could conditionally
insert the "." between CHANNEL2 and CHANNEL3.

5. In the Recordings window, I would like to see dates as well as file
names. What I would really like is to have an icon view, where for
each <<filename>> it would look for a <filename>>.jpg and if it is
found use it to display an icon with the date underneath it. I could
then create an icon for each of my regularly recorded shows
(something I currently already do with dvdlobby).

6. Another on reported by several others is the double scroll when using
a touchscreen. This is currently the most annoying problem I have.

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Postby rscottmcmahon » Thu Aug 05, 2004 6:40 pm

Just remembered one more:

7. Buttons for +12hrs and -12hrs in the guide. This is real nice when you
want to see what is on the next day or two. Or if you are checking the
guide in the morning and want to see what is on that night.

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