Direct Channel Access & External Commands

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Direct Channel Access & External Commands

Postby jjjukebox » Sun Apr 15, 2007 11:45 pm

I would like to see the following features or input on how to achieve them.

1. It would be great to have a key pad included in TVLobby or the ability to send commands to TVLobby from my own keypad to move to a particular channel without having to scroll down through the channels. An example of this command might be: MLServeCmd.MLTVLobby|Display~105 or MLServeCmd.MLTVLobby|Display~1~0~5

2. I am currently using the MLTVLobby beta and really like access to the exposed program information variables. I have also have a sliding remote control accessable from any overlay from which I can send channels changes etc to my Satellite reciever via MLGC100 commands. What I would like to see is a command that I can use to invoke the WATCH command I have set up in TVLobby so I can have the program information variables change without having to use only MLTVLobby. An example of this command might be:
MLServeCMD.MLTVLobby|Watch~105 or MLServeCMD.MLTVLobby|Watch~1~0~5

3. I would also like to have the ability to set up program types/genres within the TVLobby plugin and commands to display programs matching those program types/genres simular to the SPORTS and ACTORS selections currently in TVLobby. An example of this command might be:
MLServeCMD.MLTVLobby|DisplayGenre~Comedy or MLServeCMD.MLTVLobby|DisplayGenre~SCIFI etc.

I would include screenshots of what I have but my attachment limit has been exceeded.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated

Keep up the great work
J.J. Jukebox

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