TVLobby is DEAD!!!

Please post general questions about TVLobby here
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Postby DavidL » Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:09 pm

Bago, not sure if you have been keeping up to date with TVLobby.

A new plugin MLBeyondTV was written that works with BeyondTV PVR application. This does two major provides the first tightly integrated Personal TV recorder functionality into MainLobby. It also acts as a data service for TVLobby.

Additionally, TVLobby was modified to use XMLTV data source. This provides TVLobby coverage to the major TV world market, something that TVLobby never did before.

So, TVLobby isn't crippled, it has been majorily enhanced since Zap changed it's data direction. And, we aren't done with it...

Also, we believe all products are working on Vista, and likely 64 bit including Longhorn with updates made across many of the products.

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