Generic XM Lobby Interface

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Generic XM Lobby Interface

Postby jpimentel » Mon Sep 11, 2006 6:15 pm

Hi There,

I was thinking wouldne't it be cool if I could use XMLoby for any XM Radio without having to have you (Cinemar) write a custom driver for every XM Radio on the planet.

In looking at the Polk unit, I know that one pretty well. It seems all we would have to do is make a space to populate variables, and tune the radio. The rest of XM Lobby would be left in tact.

So you would have a selection in the drop down list that says "Custom" under the Radio selection section. If you select that, then you would have an opportunity to get another pop up dialog box that allows you to configure the MLServeCmds that are required by the plugin. In that way whenever XMlobby would send a command to the radio it could use the command found in the lookup.

I think this would be a quick / easy way to get a lot of different radios supported and get a lot more XM Lobbys out in the world.


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