MLTimer not firing frequently enough?

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MLTimer not firing frequently enough?

Postby RZajcew » Thu Jan 08, 2009 12:49 pm

I am trying to set up a timer that fires off once a second to perform an on-screen countdown. However, it appears that the timer fires only once every 2.4 seconds (or so). The MLTimer command is:


I have simplified the script to its bare bones (just to debug the issue) and the script is now:

Sub ElkCountdown(Params)
Dim ArmUpVal
Dim Countdown

ArmUpVal = MLServer.GetVariable ("MLElkM1_Area_1_ArmUpVal")
Countdown = MLServer.GetVariable ("MLElkM1__Countdown")
If ArmUpVal <> "3" Or Countdown = 1 Then
MLServer.SetVariable "MLElkM1__Countdown", 0
MLServer.CmdReceive "MLServeCmd.MLTimer|Disable~3"
Countdown = Countdown - 1
MLServer.SetVariable "MLElkM1__Countdown", Countdown
End If
End Sub

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