Tracking multiple MusicLobby zone outputs

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Tracking multiple MusicLobby zone outputs

Postby jpimentel » Thu Nov 24, 2005 2:29 am

Hi All,

I am trying to do a trick to help a client not be so confused with their system and reduce support calls.

They have a server with 8 music streams (zones, outputs, whatever you want to call it). The issue with the current Music Lobby plugin (used to be a limitation in J. River, but no longer) is that it only allows for one concurrent "active" output to be controlled via the user interface at any given time. So, in an 8 output system you might have been listening to zone 1 while someone else has just fired up their panel and is now controlling/listening to zone 5. This change is reflected instantly on ALL Music Lobby clients. You walk up and press pause and instead of pausing the music you are listening to, you pause the music the other person was listening to. Major confusion and frustration ensues.

I currently have variables displayed for the output they are listening to as well as the "active output" on the server. (Thanks Marcus for making that work correctly)

This sadly is not enough. They still can not grasp the concept of listening to one thing and pop all of the sudden someone else graps the server control right out from underneath them.

To help ease their pain while Cinemar and Co. make the new multi headed plugin, I want to make a big red warning message display when the zone they are listening to does not equal the zone currently active in J. River.

So I have some zone select buttons to allow them to pop between server outputs. The button changes the house audio source, changes focus on the J.River SW to the desired output and sets a varibale for display on the MLclient that indicates which output they are listening to ({{shastaserver}} in this example).

Next I place a command ( in the MLMediaCenter plugin that executes on informatin change (including zone focus) executes as follows:
1. wait 2 seconds for things to settle
2. MLServeCmd.MLConditional|IsEqual##{{shastaserver}}##{{mulzone}}##SetVariable|shastacontrol~on##SetVariable|shastacontrol~off

So I end up with a variable {{shastacontrol}} that indicates the state of equivalence between what is currently selected by that client (shasta) and what is currently active in the J.River SW and Music Lobby clients.

This much works like a champ. If I change the focus from within the same client session the variable always says "on". If I change the focus from another client, or from Media Center itself, the variable changes to off.

So with all that, here is what I want to do.

Display the following
"Your Current source is {{shastaserver}}"
in nice big bold text. Make it green when {{shastacontrol}}=on and red when {{shastacontrol}}=off

I am sure there is a way to do this, but it is escaping me at the moment.

Thanks in advance.



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Postby gregoryx » Fri Nov 25, 2005 9:13 pm


You'll need the latest beta to do a call of a specific overlay from MLServer; but that should be released in the week according to one post Mario made.

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