Server/Media Closet cooling solutions

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Server/Media Closet cooling solutions

Postby evad » Thu Nov 03, 2005 2:20 pm

Hi everyone,

Im sure somoene here has a similiar setup using a closet to house all their servers and AV equipment.

Well my closet isnt that big and there are no vents or cooling in there. What are some of my options?

Ive thought about paying an AC man to run a duct to that closet however in the winter there will be hot air blown in there (even if I close the vent some will seep) which that wont work. And I may need cool air even in the winter blown not real sure.

Another option was some type of portable AC and have to drill another hole in the closet and run the exhaust vent and drain in the attic possibly the Water heater pan.

Is that it for my choices? This summer I checked the temp in there and it would get in the very high 90's when the equpiment would be on. The closet is in a bedroom and I will have to eventually put a deadbolt on there to prevent unauthorized child access.

Thanks in advance for any tips.


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Postby DavidL » Thu Nov 03, 2005 2:48 pm

My servers and HTPC are watercooled. I can run the water pipes through the equipment closet wall into a understair closet to dissipate the heat. Haven't done it yet, but still might. For now I kinda like the look of the Zantech Reservator cooling tower :) But at the rate I am adding stuff, there soon won't be room for it :)

You can put a duct on bottom (cold air) and top (hot air exhaust) if that makes sense for your layout. Put a bit 120 mm fan pair that is slowed down for low noise. Radio shack has em, and any computer store. They are available 120 and 12 volt. You could plug them into your server if the power supply has enough umph for a few more fans.

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Postby jss » Thu Nov 03, 2005 5:07 pm

Try an Elan Z-fan and cut a small exhaust hole in the closet. Quiet and effective. They are on E-bay all of the time

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Postby pkoslow » Wed Nov 09, 2005 6:39 pm

Hi Dave,

I've got a load of gear racked into a closet and live on the coast in CA where the weather is temperate, so don't have any AC in th house (temps rarely exceed 85deg F here).

I'm using a bathroom exhaust fan in the ceiling of the closet which vents directly into the attic and also provides lighting for the closet. I'm using a Panasonic WhisperLite which is a step above your ordinary bath exhaust fan. They have several models that move between 70-110CFM and are very quite. The 70CFM model I use is virtualy silent.

They are made to run continuously as well:

My equipment closet backs another closet that houses my heating system, so the air enters through a 8" x 12" vent near the bottom of the closet which is attached to the air return for the heater which is filtered.

Talk to your HVAC guy and see what he can come up with... you will need airflow in the closet even in the winter, so just running the A/C / Heater vent in there probably won't work. If you have much gear, it would probably quikly heat up the closet if the vent was shut off even for a few mins while the heater was running.

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