the important use of a "reset" button

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the important use of a "reset" button

Postby collegeboyslive » Tue Apr 06, 2004 2:15 am

one thing I recently added and from getting and parusing the logs of a couple of my lents, is a system reset. no, this isnt the reboot switch :) but rather a button on the touchpad screen that will go though and set all the hardware to a known state. I use mutliple speakers and audio input devices in most installations and homeseer keeps track of what is in use and what is playing ( so that someone going into bathroom 1 cant hit a play button and take or change a music source that someone has playing say in the den ) ocasionally for soem reason they may get out of sync. the reset button gives the owner the ability to "resync" everything. it basically runs a script that turns all the music off and releases all the memorys of what is playing and sets then all back to "none" , sends a bunch of stops to the dvd players, turns all the tv's and amps to a known off state.

I have found that this gives the client an easy fix if things somehow get out od sync, like someone started playing manually with the componemnts ect.

just an idea to pass on.

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