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Postby Scott Miller » Mon Apr 05, 2004 10:26 am

Pro Installers and Dealers,

Let's create a sticky where each pro installer or dealer can describe themselves and what types of products and services they offer. It should be a great resource and provide a point of reference for each of us. Naturally, I'll go first.

I'm 28 and from Northwest Indiana, about 45 minutes outside of Chicago. I have a BS in CIS from Indiana University and have worked in different aspects of the IT field since 95. I've been a hobbyist since I got my first C64 back when I was 7. I don't have enough income from the low-voltage business to quit my day job yet, but it is one of my goals. I currently teach IT to high school juniors and seniors (great work pool) at a local technology academy. I also moonlight as a guest lecturer at Purdue University Calumet.

I've been working on systems for myself and friends over the past couple years and decided to formalize it into a business last year. I've tried to position my company as a service provider rather than a product seller. For most A/V equipment, I simply charge a small procurement fee rather than messing with the cost and headache of managing an inventory. Currently I offer the following services:

Distributed Audio/Video systems (Russound A-BUS to CAV6.6)
Car Audio/Video (Limited to Vizualogic LCD systems)
Central VAC (Beam)
Custom Cables (Using Chris Whites method)
Custom PC's (Parts from Newegg)
Home Automation (JDS and Homeseer)
Home Theatre (Primarily Sony and Denon)
Lighting Control (Lightolier, but considering PCS UPB)
Media Conversion (CD to MP3,WMA,WAV and VHS to DVD)
Security (Caddx)
Structured Wiring (GE Smart Center and Channel Plus)
Technology Consulting
Technology Service and Support
Telephone Systems (OnQ and Panasonic)
Video Surveillance (D-Link IP based)
Wired/Wireless Networking (Linksys)

My primary low voltage distributor is Worthington. I have yet to do any commercial work, but am researching digital signage possibilities as a way into the commercial market. I have 2 part-time installers who work on a per job basis. There are 96 builders in my local phone book, and this summer I plan to actively market to as many as I can in the hope that I have enough business so I don't have to teach during the day next school year.

Scott Miller, President
Miller Home Technologies

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Postby gregoryx » Mon Apr 05, 2004 2:44 pm

(Everyone at once) HI, SCOTT!


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