Remote Jumpstart Program - Super Satisfied Customer

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Remote Jumpstart Program - Super Satisfied Customer

Postby benny32 » Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:39 pm

I would like to give a little review of the Remote Jump Start Program offered by Cinemar so that others can understand what a tremendous deal it is. To give some background, I have been looking at Mainlobby now for a year or so, previously going so far as to install the demo and play around with it before realizing that it was a bigger project than I had time for at that point. Since then my system has grown out of the scope of a Harmony remote and I have kept peeking in here to keep up with MainLobby.

In October I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the components necessary to control my home theater. I am an electronics enthusiast and while I never expected to be able to get it up and running in record time I assumed after reading and asking questions on the forum and wiki that I would struggle through. I met with decent success, I got the system to play movies via DVDLobby and to send IR commands through my GC100 device. My problem is one many of us share I'm sure, at least those of us who are married, it had been two months and I was still tinkering and having a grand old time and my wife wanted to get this project done. I ran out of time time to tinker and was coming to these very boards to find a professional to help me get my scenes setup properly, something that was looking a little more daunting than the previous steps of my install. Enter Mario and the Remote Jump Start Program.

I found a post where a user had asked my very same question and Mario, from Cinemar, recommended looking at their Remote Jump Start Program. I had never heard of this option and took a look at the link ( ) and the next day sent Mario an idea of what I wanted to accomplish and to question if he thought my project fell into the scope of the product. He replied quickly that he thought at the very least we could put a good sized dent in it and that we wouldn't know for sure until we started. We talked again the following week and covered some more details and I purchased that day. Mario was extremely flexible in scheduling and we started two days later. Possibly the best part of this whole thing was that I got watch as Mario remoted in to my system and see what he was doing. He explained what he was doing the whole time and why he was setting it up the way he was. The entire time he was making sure it was meeting my needs and addressing my project list. This package includes five hours of time, in just a little under three hours Mario had the majority of what I wanted done accomplished. At this point I had to leave due to some other time commitments but have agreed to use the system for a little while and get a feel for it and find out what works and what needs to change and then use the remainder of my time with Mario addressing those needs.

The bottom line is that I had never heard of this service and am so happy that I found that post because not only did I get a professional to get me setup, he also took the time and taught me how to really use this extremely power system. This service is worth every penny I paid and would recommend it to any novice users who need a little push to get them over the top. Anyone is welcome to PM me if they have more questions about how the service worked for me.

Thanks again Mario! =D>

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Is there life beyond Cinemar?
Is there life beyond Cinemar?
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Re: Remote Jumpstart Program - Super Satisfied Customer

Postby ronsatter » Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:44 pm

Kudos to Mario and the Cinemar team. It's about time you got some positive feedback. Some of us here on the forum actually appreciate all your efforts ... and no Mario didn't pay me to write this ... well, not this time :D

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