Looking to hire "developer" -- no onsite work need

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Looking to hire "developer" -- no onsite work needed. GUI.

Postby jcrack_corn » Sun Dec 07, 2008 2:41 pm

I have become decently proficient w/ MLS and Mainlobby over the past year or so, but I dont have time to keep up with the latest changes AND i have no design capability (it doesnt look pretty, ever).

I would like to possibly hire someone to:

Develop my GUI pages based on house floorplan and integration w/ elk.

Elk obvious does my security, also does all lights via ISY 99i/pro.

Elk does sprinkler system through relay board.

And some other basic functions.

I need a nice looking interface based on rooms/zones and just something that flows well (i'm sure some of you pro's out there have a stock template you have developed and I"m sure that would be close or possibly perfect for me).

As far as post-delivery services --- well, I can make most changes needed (renaming lights zones, working with MLSERV cmds etc) so I would really just want to be made aware of when major updates occur and otherwise dont really need any support. You can use your stock graphics and charge me for them or I can purchase cinemar packs you need (have 0012 plus the standard ones right now).

I DO NOT like the look of 0019 (of course).....too cheap looking.
Please PM me here if interested and we can start building a quote.

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