New User - advice if possible.

Place to post your ideas and questions on how to integrate Cinemar's software in a Home Automation System (lighting, security, hvac, etc.)
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New User - advice if possible.

Postby dmills27 » Fri Jan 18, 2008 11:14 am

I would love some advice if anybody has the time to help me out. I am very new to this so sorry if I am asking the impossible. I am due to moving house soon and want me new house to be as automated as possible. I have some ideas of how I wanted it to work but not sure if it is possible. I will be doing this on a budget and hopefully myself (if I am capable) This is the functionality that I want:

1. Automation of lights and lamps in the house - Initial thought was to use X10 as it seems to be the cheapest, but I am concerned that it is old technology so am open to suggestions.
2. Automation of heating, - same as above
3. Multi zone music - Streamed MP3's from main PC- Want to be able to play music in all zones, just one, or a combination. Would also like the facility to play different tracks in different zones but not essential.
4 SKY HD In 3 rooms. (same output)
5. Dolby surround sound TV system.
6. Some sort of software to manage this from a computer but a portable interface to control it.


This is the one that I think will cause me the most problems - I want the interface to:

1. Be portable
2. Control Everything including Lighting/heating/SKY HD box/TV. Music with album art, track info etc.
3. Customisable for ease of use.

I have seen some info on using an Iphone/or IPOD Touch for this, it would be ideal if this could handle all of these functions.

At the moment I have a blank canvas, and wanted to test the water to see if it is possible to do, and if so on a budget of £1500 ($3000) for the hardware and software to do this. (not including speaker, TV, SKY HD BOX)

Thanks in advance!!!

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