Building HA & Media Server PC

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Building HA & Media Server PC

Postby egamez » Thu Apr 26, 2007 8:08 pm

Hi Folks

I am building a Home Automation and Media Server PC to install the Mainlobby Suite (mainly for MLServer plus some plug-ins, DVD Lobby, Music lobby and HomeSeer). I am prentending to use it only for Automation,media server ( Multi Video streaming, multizone audio streaming and photos) and PVR purposes.. Basically I am looking your suggestions regarding:

1) Multiserial RS232 PCI card supporting more than 6 ports. Brand and model which has been tested with MLServer 2 way serial plug-in

2) High Quality video Card ( dual display capable) just for video purposes ( DVI, HDMI or Component video interfase) not interested high performance gaming capabilities

3) Dual TV Tuner/Capture card or integrated with a Video Card as the All-In-Wonder from ATI. I just want to make sure it works with upcoming MLMedia Stream plug-in

4) Last but not least and even I have certain idea, I would like to hear your recommendations in terms of

* Intel Core 2 Duo speed ( 1.8 ?. 2.4? Mghz ?)
* RAM ( 2GB, 4GB ??)
* Hard Drive sizing tips or guidance rule considering the multimedia capabilities I am looking for

I will appreciate a lot your suggestions

Regards and thanks in advance

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