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TheaterTek 2.0 Support

Postby mcascio » Mon Oct 18, 2004 2:21 pm

For those of you that have upgraded to TheaterTek 2.0 - we've updated the TheaterTek control for MLServer to work with both the new version of TheaterTek and older ones.

Stop by to download the latest MLTheaterTek.dll: ... php?t=3136

You'll also need the latest Patch 2.01 from TheaterTek to assist in the Overlay bug.

TheaterTek 2.0 no longer crashes when trying to launch a movie while another is already playing. So now you don't have to first close TheaterTek then reopen each time you select a new movie.

So the syntax has changed for the default Play Movie MLServeCmd:
MLServeCmd.MLFileOpen|C:\Program Files\TheaterTek\TheaterTek DVD 2.0\TheaterTek DVD.exe~ "D:\Video\<<TITLE>>\Video_TS"


(Assuming you've associated IFO files with TheaterTek 2.0 and have browsed to the VIdeo_TS.IFO file for each movie in the File Field of the MLDVDlobby plugin.
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