6/4/2004 - MainLobby 2.70f Update released

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6/4/2004 - MainLobby 2.70f Update released

Postby Guest » Fri Jun 04, 2004 3:21 pm

After hearing of some users experiencing high CPU usage after upgrading to MainLobby 2.70c, we've decided to issue an patch update to MainLobby 2.70f (that also managed to work in some new features). The update is available via Cinemar Online's login page and is only a patch update (it will only overwrite the files that have been changed). Just unzip the file to your Program Files\Cinemar directory. A full list of updates is included with the patch, but here they are:

MainLobby 2.70f Update Log

    Fixed: High CPU usage issues
    Fixed: Ability to add + and & to a button's label. % is not possible at this time.
    Fixed: Some bugs in loadOverlayScene (buttons were not behaving properly - bad buttons)
    Fixed: Library was getting colored/alpha'd based on last button state
    Fixed: Buttons changing focus on rollover in edit mode when leaving 'states'
    Fixed: Centerred labels on sliders
    Added Library: LibraryFlags (Flags of the world)
    Added to Library: Progress01 progress bar
    Added: Ability to give external .jpg/.swf dual-state properties (tint/alpha)
    Added Font: PS2
    Added Font: Mobile Man
    Added Font: Yahoo
    Added to Library: LightField02
    Added: mlserverconnect.swf now included in setup
    Added: ml270features_demo.mls to setup
    Changed: LightField01 to white color to allow tinting (some users wanted yellow for lights, red for motion sensors, blue for TVs, etc.)
    Changed: Way variable values are refreshed to lessen CPU usage

Updated Files:

There is a really neat-o (read: took a lot of time) demonstration scene in there that shows alot of the new tinting/alpha and 2-way capabilities; along with some other new stuff to get your going and for easy reference.

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