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MainLobby 2.50 Released

Postby mcascio » Mon Dec 22, 2003 4:42 pm

Ok Guys &'s now available for download. Login and grab the latest.

MainLobby 2.50 Released (12/22/03)
Files that have changed:
updates_to_manual.txt (this file)

MainLobby Version 2.50 Updates/Additions/Changes
> Changed: Frame Rate to 25 instead of 60 (increases Performance)
> Bug Fix: MLFunction dropdown was loosing it's commands when going into the OPTIONS Panel
> Changed: Mousepointer used to hide automatically after 10 seconds, you must now check hide mouse pointer and then it will disappear after 10 seconds instead of instantly
> Added NewsGotTDEM font
> Fixed: Sorting order for Button Library (Changed to sort instead of sortOn)
> Removed: textfield Object (Didn't do anything)
> Added: Button0089a,b,c,d,e (Arrow Navigation & Enter Button)
> Changed: RemoveHighlight object (used to remove highlights when editing around buttons) is no longer tabEnabled for tab key users
> Removed: MLSeerCmd from launching process (unknown to user)
> Bug Fix: Highlight focus on the first button doesn't occur until all buttons are loaded on the stage (yellow outline)
> Changed: Moved Library and Align Panel to frame 2 (it was showing up when selecting highlight1st button from DISPLAY panel otherwise)
> Bug Fix: If the last button entered had an alpha less than 100%, the next scenes first button would retain that same level of transparency
> Added: LibraryFlags.swf graphics library
> Changed: Display Coordinates round to the nearest whole number (Modified>Math.round()
> Changed: Copyright in ABOUT US to 2002-2004
> Removed: Tabbing Arrow key navigation in the Main Menu Bar that slides down
> Removed: MLSeerCmds references when saving to MLS files
> Added: Toggle Preview Button On/Off option
> Changed: Enlarged font beneath Library Thumbnail Icons
> Changed: Modified font labels in the Button Properties Panel
> Bug Fix: Arrow keys work when editing text fields in Button Properties Panel
> Added: Arrow Key functionality using yellow highlights (Select Highlight Button 1 and Use KBD Arrow Keys)
> Added: _root.MLlockOutUsers feature which prevents users from accessing Design/Edit mode of MainLobby
> Added: Multi Drag functionality
> Added: New Library Objects: Date.Date, Date.Day, Date.Month, Date.Year, Date.MonthDate, Date.MonthDateYear, Time.HoursMinutes,
Text.SingleLine (LibraryMainlobby.swf)
> Removed: the following MainLobby Library Objects:Time.Seconds, Time.Hour, Time.Minutes, Time.:, Time.Year
> Added: Faster Initial Load time on MainLobby
> Added: Applied Masking to Library Graphics to prevent text labels from extending beyond thumbnail box
> Added: New MLServeCmd Panel
> Modified keyboard shortcuts to prevent caching and duplicate listeners (Should improve performance during extended usage)
> Added: New Startup Options Panel
> Added: MLServer Domain and Port configuration to Startup Options Panel
> Added: Option to disable ESC key for exiting MainLobby
> Added: Configure MLServer serverDomain and serverPort (writes to mlserverconnect.ini)
> Added: Comment regarding deprecation of Girder Events through command lines (ieventc.exe)
> Added: Reload FX Layer Button on Scene Panel
> Added: x and y positioning for BackgroundFX layer
> Added: Option to select current scene as Startup Scene
> Added: Brought back arrow key functionality while in design mode to move buttons around the stage (DesignListener in HighlightDesign()
> Added: Sony CX777ES DVD Changer to System Components Library
> Changed: Entire Component library to fix for arrow key navigation
> Changed: Following buttons modified to work with Arrow keys (Button0017, Button0018, Button0018b)
> Added: Copy/Paste functionality added to text fields

The easiest way may be to install in another folder and then copy the files that have changed or been updated to your existing Cinemar folder.
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