DVDLobby 3.5 Free Updates Now Available

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DVDLobby 3.5 Free Updates Now Available

Postby mcascio » Tue Mar 13, 2007 4:49 pm

Date: 03/13/07
Product: DVDLobby 3.5

Installer now includes the latest files:
DVDLobby Plugin
DVDLobby TV Version 3.056
DVDLobby Touchscreen 3.08.8

DVDLobby 3 TV Version 3.056 Updates
> Added: Send Clientname after socket connection to DVDLobby Plugin
> Added: Clientname can now be used in Remote Commands
> Added: Support for TabletKiosk Left cursor Pad for Navigation
> Added: Support for complete Touchscreen Usage
> Changed: New Tree Menu to support remote navigation without the need for keyboard shortcuts

DVDLobby 3 Touchscreen Version 3.08.8
> BugFix: Modified all up/down scroll buttons that were causing DVDLobby to crash when no movies were listed
> Added: When selecting Genre for the first time it auto populates all movies
> Changed: Increased Font Size in Genre listing
> Added: Improved cover art loading
> BugFix: Should resolve all <<CLIENTNAME>> issues in Remote and Movie MLServeCmds
> Added: Support for saving/loading DVDlobby3.ini file to the same folder as the dvdlobby3.swf file is located.
> BugFix: When entering SETUP mode, keyboard shortcuts were preventing users from entering some characters in the HOST fields
> BugFix: Host 3 and Host 4 weren't loading from INI file
> BugFix: After disconnection from MLServer, it would continue to try and reconnect even once it was connected causing major problems.
> BugFix: On startup, if DVDLobby didn't find a connection - it was not attempting to reconnect - it would only reconnect if an existing connection was present at one time.
> Changed: Overview font has changed to something more pleasant and easier to read
> BugFix: Coverart was continually resizing causing high cpu usage
> Other Miscellaneous updates
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