WeatherLobby 3.90.28 Update

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WeatherLobby 3.90.28 Update

Postby CinemarDave » Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:39 pm

WeatherLobby 3.90.28 is available for download. This version should resolve the following

1) Incorrect dates being displayed for International users
2) jpg / swf map issue. The map URL will now use .swf when accessing animated maps.
3) Additional server variables have been made available to track US / Metric measurements
MLWeather_Units = "C" or "F"
MLWeather_TempUnits = "C" or "F"
MLWeather_TempUnitsLong = "Centigrade" or "Fahrenheit"
MLWeather_MeasurementUnits = "cm" or "in"
MLWeather_MeasurementUnitsAlt = "centimeters" or "inches"
MLWeather_DistanceUnits = "Kilometers" or "Miles"
MLWeather_SpeedUnits = "kph" or "mph"

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Re: WeatherLobby 3.90.28 Update

Postby bigDvette » Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:42 pm

Can someone answer what should be an easy question.

I have my weather location set to Southlake Texas which is central time zone. -6 GMT.

Whenever I look at my mlweather variables I notice a few things.

I'm looking at my weather variables right now at 2:22pm dallas time.

The mlweather_current_reporttime is 9/16/2010 6:53:00pm

Now I'm so much concerned with current temp, humid, wind, dew... because I process all those variables each second from my davis weather station and use them on my current city.

However, I have noticed my UV Index always says 9-Very High. I think the df1 forecast variable must have the highest UV index for that day. However, I wanted to get the current UV-index.

So I started looking at the HF variables. HF1 actually says the report time is 9/16/2010 at 3:11:44pm. Now is that 3:11:44 pm relative to the 6:53pm variable. Remember, it is only 2:22 here.

so HF1 says the hour is 3.

For the last 4 hours prior to HF1 changing to 3 it said the HF1 hour was 11, so I"m guessing the hourly forecasts only get updated every 4 hours.

I'm trying to figure out how to get the current uv index, but I have not idea what all these times are relative to. If they are relative to GMT I"m wondering why the time is 6:53PM instead of 8 something PM since that is what GMT would be at 2:22 here.

I'm leaning toward taking the mlweather_hf_reporttimehour (which I think must be east coast time) subtracting 1 hour offset and then taking the difference between the current hour and that calculation to figuer out the value of hf?

i could write a forumula but with the clocking wrapping and this not being 24 hour clock it will be a cludge.

thoughts and any insight on these dates would helpfull.

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