Library 30 v4 install issue

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Library 30 v4 install issue

Postby DaveB » Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:58 pm

Dave - I am having difficulties getting Library 30 deployed. Issues are as follows;

When installing the server portion of the library, all works great with the installed until I tell it to import the command macros. When starting that portion of the install, the library installer starts MLServer. Server starts fine, but the library installer hangs and never completes. The only way to kill the installer is via a hard kill.

Due to the issues above (I Think), I am having these issues;

When running library 30 on the local server machine, Main Lobby starts to the correct interface but with no background. I then must manually go to the select themes scene and re-select the correct theme. I did check prior that the theme variable is correctly set.

When attempting to deploy to my other touch screens, I only get one Theme option (Baneff). All seems to work OK, but I would like the ability to have all four theme possibilities on the remote screens. The screens are stand alone computers.

Dave Bruner

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