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0028 Some constructive items and Issues

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:47 am
by DaveB
First - Great job; This is a great extension to the media only version.

A few comments:

    1. I like the repeat method for the volume control in the rooms areas. That part works great. After using that feature, then pulling up the security keypad, the repeat feature will not give up. Try entering just one number. As soon as you point to a number, it repeats.

    2. I understand the menu issue with the full menu vs. the media menu, but there must be a better solution. I know you did it due to running out of layers (which is a whole other discussion as layers should be increased). I do not want to go to the music area from the rooms area, and then force the user to navigate all the way back to home and then out to rooms once more. I have not come up with a method yet, but I will. This problem really gets goofy when you navigate to weather, as then you end up with the media menu (due to weather being included with the base package). I know part of this issue is that technically you have two weather systems, which may clean up, but the menu issue still needs to be addressed.

    3. I find that many of the features are simply to dim on screen to be practical unless the whole home is always dark. Simple things like Day/Date are barely visible with lights on in the room. A great example is the horoscope backgrounds. Great job, but they are not visible wit the lights on. This is where design crashes into touch screen design standards. I use the five foot rule. Stand five foot from your touchscreen mounted in the wall and read the items on the screen, like date and time, alarm status, messages and so on, and do this under normal lighting conditions.

    4. Some other small issues concern consistency. Date and time and general controls should be in the same location on every scene in the system. Date and time is all over the place and always to dim. Bottom irrigation buttons are not readable on my screens; scene names are not readable and so on.

Once more - Great Job

This scene set is a great place for someone to start with the system. I know all this is repairable, and most, I have already changed. I just felt compelled to mention some of the issues above.

Re: 0028 Some constructive items and Issues

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:48 am
by DaveB
I neglected to mention; I located a small error in the released interface. The screensaver is set to, which was apparently overwritten with a version of the main media scene without a menu. You also included a newer 0028_digital_Clock which I think that you intended to use as the screen saver.

Also, there is somthing jacked up with the 0028 clock scene. It looks like there are two jpg loaders for the backscene overlay. There should be only one. I also looks like the layering is not correct in that some of the features can not be viewed through the JPG layer.