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Re: 028 Knock Offs

Postby DaveB » Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:08 pm

Now if DaveP would just start adding true "Sources" to Music Lobby, then I guess the same could be accomplished. I suspect that that will be the direction eventually, that is to use Music Lobby as the hub between all sources and all distribution. I make sense to me anyhow....

I will try it, but I do not have nearly the wide span of music collection that you do.

Dave Bruner

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Is there life beyond Cinemar?
Is there life beyond Cinemar?
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Re: 028 Knock Offs

Postby ronsatter » Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:26 pm

Hi DaveB,

Here's the link to my original thread on this topic ... back when I was using iTunes before MUL 3.75.


It's basically the same concept ... just replace the iTunes commands with the corresponding MUL commands. This example is intended to be triggered manually by the user. There is no auto feature in this early demo.There is a code snippet to bring up a msg box if the artist search turns up empty.

When I was experimenting with this in the beginning, I picked an XM Radio channel which played a majority of the music I had in my database.

Give a holler if you run into a snag.

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