XM - PCR available

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XM - PCR available

Postby DaveB » Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:50 pm

For those who want to break into the XM Satellite arena for little investment, I have a XM-PCR unit available. These units are no longer sold, however are still supported by XM Radio (an XM account will be required). The unit does not include the required antenna, which can be purchased at many locations including several on EBay. Digital Coax output kits are also available for the unit.

Please contact me if interested in the unit. The cost prior to listing on EBay is $20.00 / you pay shipping. I used it for about one year prior to purchasing my Polk unit. It works very well with the current v4 Driver.

I plan on listing this on EBay around 5/5/12 or so.

Dave Bruner

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