How is it recommended to hook air panels up?

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How is it recommended to hook air panels up?

Postby donburkard » Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:15 pm

I just got an airsync v210 real cheep on ebay and was wondering how the best way to hook it up was. It has terrible signal strength for wifi so i ordered an access point to try and boost the signal where ill be using it. I can connect remotely to my pc (when im upstairs basically sitting on the router) and i have a little bluetooth usb nub thing that i can connect to the pc with as well? what i can figure out is how to:

-Connect in the proper way, aka how you guys are doing it.
-get mainlobby on it

When i connect remotely to the pc i cant see anything on the actual pc screen. it stays on the login screen. Is that gona be a problem? Any recomendations?

It is running windows ce .net version 4.20 if that helps.

Any info you guys may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Postby DaveB » Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:27 pm

This is simply a remote desktop device. Depending on your PC OS version, you may have issues when connection via remote desktop, as only one connection is allowed, and you will see either the PC's screen or the remote screen.

If you are on XP, there is an XP hack that will open up the ability to see a maximum of three desktops plus the local desktop. If you are on vista, you are hosed. There are some third party applications out there that will provide this capability however. ThinSoft Win connect is one of those (actually sold by Cinemar) for about $300. There are others that are single license and a bit less costly however.

How do I do it - I have 3 v210's and one v110 connected to my ML Server via Remote Desktop. I am running Server 2008 as the OS and I am licensed for 10 remote desktops at a time. The server is a quad processor with 4 gig of memory and the clients run well. Even with a very powerful server, multiple remote desktops are a huge drain on the server. You need a minimum of 125k of memory free per remote to even consider this method. I would not consider it without a fairly high end server.

Each screen Runs Main Lobby from the ML directory, and each screen has it's own content directory.

Contact me with questions.

Dave Bruner

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